For Sale: 125 gallon

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Aug 17, 2011
100% solid wood/125 gallon fish tank complete with not one but two 1500 cascade aquarium filters for up to 200 gallons, with bio wheel, sand substrate and plants if wanted! Call or text for more details :) 2703150043 .


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Oops .... Yeah I just copied all this from Craig'slist . Would help if it had a price ! Asking 799 or best offer.... Has lots of plants and planted substrate to go with it as well.
Oh I just had the growing cheap lights from Walmart and then I added some act relic to keep all the moisture inside the tank and keep it off the wood: work great , then I used a corilife 50/50, and some LEDs from lowes for nighttime, when I don't want to use the ant growing ones.
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