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Feb 8, 2011
Staffordshire - UK
Hey everyone

Recently i have managed to aquire a Marine Tank after being given the itch from a work project. I have put together this tank in the past (october 2010) but had several issues (rushed build, didnt seek forum advice and general poor attention = crashed tank :(). As ive now learnt my lesson, here i am.

I have attached a photo and have a working document to track any changes in my tank which im happy to send anyone,(feel free to use the document yourselves if you want).

My end goal is Fish, Soft Corals, Inverts and live rock all living in perfect harmony.

Any advice on the equipment, when to add fish and just general support would be awesome

Looking forward to sharing this with everyone!


Aqua Marine 900 Tank (175 L)
Marisis 240 inc Skimmer
UV Filter
X 1 Power Head
3 Stage RO Filter
14.3KG of Live Rock

Temp - 28C
Salinity - 1.024 (but rising)
Amm - 1.0
Nitrite - 0.2
Nitrate - 5.0
PH - 8.2
Alk - 2.8


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Sounds like you are off to a good start this time. Couple questions to get started.

First, did you buy the rock as "live rock" that was already cycled?
Second, What are the white tubes running in the back of the tank? Not sure if those are cords behind the tank or air lines.

Looks like you are still in the middle of your cycle and you have a little bit to wait before you can start stocking. What kind of fish and coral would you like to keep?
Thanks for the reply, the rock had been cycled before I had it. However the conditions it was kept it before I had were probably not the best (cold fresh water in a sealed container) so I'm not sure if it's up to much??

The tubes are air line to a couple of bubble curtains ( I am going to reduce this to just one line when I have all the correct connections).

Aside from daily testing, is there anything else I can do to safeguard the quality of my water? All of it is RO, the filter media is relatively new, and I won't be adding any chemical to speed up the process!

Additionally (I know it's of thread) I was looking at a 60litre jewel tank as a QT! As I've not run one before, is this adequate size or to big?

If the rock was in fresh water then it won't be cycled. Read in the articles section about cycling your tank with out fish.

The tubes are air line to a couple of bubble curtains ( I am going to reduce this to just one line when I have all the correct connections).

That will be ok for a QT tank. They don't have to be really big since the fish don't stay in there for long.

You don't need an air line in saltwater tanks. The airstones end up just getting plugged up anyway. A power head at the waters surface to put a ripple will be enough gas exchange.
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