180 Gal New tank need help/advice plz

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Mar 30, 2013
Hi everyone.

I am new to the forums and community and need some info/help.

I recently bought what I was told is a 180 gallon bow front aquarium set up. I am not sure about the size if it really is a 180 gallon. It measure 70 inches wide, 24 inches high & at the wide part of the bow 18 inches and narrow part of the bow about 14 inches. Does anyone have any idea what size it is? Is it really a 180 gallon?

Now I am guessing it is a custom set up due to me not being able to find another like it on the net. It is made of glass and the two front corners have no seam the glass curves right into a front bow it is actually really nice I like it. It also has two pieces attached to the tank one on top and one on bottom of the tank. The bottom one has a thick piece of styrofoam that the tank rests on.

The set came with the tank with those two pieces attached to it, a crappy stand, the hood with 2 36 inch t5 lights and 2 18 inch t5 lights, two old broken heaters, some fan to circulate the water and also two odd wet dry trickle filters built into the hood behind the lights. Right now I do not have the tank set up in my house it is in the garage due to it being neglected and real real dirty. I have been putting a lot of time and elbow grease into getting it cleaned up. In the next week or two after I build a new stand for it I will be relocating it to my living room and I am excited.

My kids want me to make a community fresh water tank with schools of smaller community fish so the tank will have smaller schools of fish maybe a total of 20 small top feeders, 15-20 small mid feeders and some live plants and 10-15 small bottom feeders.

Now with that being said about the tank population, I am not sure how many GPH those two filters pump and I am not sure if they would be sufficient to use alone with this tank. If you look at the pictures of the filters they are both a wet dry set up. Has anyone ever seen a set up like this?

If I do decide to use the two filters that came with it what type of media should I use? Also how should I set it up in the filter trays?

Is that too many fish for this tank? Will the tank get real dirty fast(are they dirt fish)?

The lady that sold the set up to me told me she had two red belly pacu's that were 22.75 inches and 17 inches in size in the tank and those filters kept it crystal clear with her just using the blue filter pad in both of them. Judging by how dirty the filters and tank were I doubt that they were sufficient for two pacu's that were 22.75 inches and 17 inches in size unless she just didn't clean anything and neglected the tank.

If those 2 wet dry filters are not good what type of filter would be best for this set up, tank size & type of fish and plants I plan on filling it with?

I was thinking triple aqua clear 110's because they filter 500gph x3 that would be 1500gph. I know some of you must think I am crazy... (180 Gallons and this guy wants to use 3 110 AC's... LOL) The reason I am even mentioning 3 110 AC's is simple on some of my old set ups I used the aqua clears and love how they are very easy to access, maintain, are affordable and do keep the water clean.

If you all are going to say do 2 canisters for my community tank well does it really matter if I get eheim or cascade or marineland?? If so please tell me why you feel it does in fact matter.

You will find some pictures attached of the tank and also wet dry filter set up.



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I'm not for sure but the measurements sound more like a 150 bow but I could be wrong have any closer pics of the filters
I just used a bow front measurment to gallon converter and it says its a 120 gallon. I am upset cause if it is truly a 120 i got ripped big time. But oh well whats done is done. What can I do now but enjoy the tank. I just took close ups of the 2 filter pumps that draws the water into the top tubes that spray into the media trays. There is no logo or even writing on these besides a sticker that says 60hz/110v. pictures are attached.


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May I ask what u payed I just bought a regular 120 reef ready and am curious
I would prefer not to say just due to the simple fact that I got ripped off and feel horrible about it. Would you care to tell me what you paid and what you got for what you paid? Then maybe I can see how badly I got ripped off. LOL :hide:
I think that you can easily stock the tank with that number of fish; like 2 shoals of 2 different kinds of tetras (top/ mid dwellers), 2 shoals of corys (bottom), and something in the middle and a nice "centerpiece" fish like rams. I can't wait to see it!

For substrate: I love sand, I love the look and cleaning etc. If you have something like corys then definetly go with sand! But otherwise gravel is ok too. For a tank that size, getting sand might be a lot less $, I used play sand in mine, it was I think $6 for 100 lbs. Much cheaper than $1 a pound for "aquarium sand."

If you are going to have live plants then you will want lots of filter power! At least 3 times of output for the size, so is it a 120 or 180? I purchased a canister for my 50 gal, I put a thread out for suggestions and the consensus was that ehiem was a lot extra from the name and some of the other filters word just as great for less. But that's just one opinion of many!

Can't wait to see the evolution of your tank, post photos as you get going! I love the excitement of a new tank!
Evil - It doesn't matter what you or who paid for it. You can check it on line against others. It's yours and please enjoy it!! I would measure it and put the measurements on a search engine and check it out! Looks like you got some nice things with it. I am going to watch what you do with it!! What kind of fish are you looking at? Good luck!
Well U did measure the tank and came to find it is not 180 gallons it is 120 gallons but after doing some research it is a good set up.

Its a custom made tank with 2 34' inch t5 lights and 2 22' inch t5 light built into the top. It has two nice wet dry filters which I will use with fluval ceramic and also blue filter pads for bio filtering then I have bought a marineland magnum 350 which will be for water polishing only. I will not be running any carbon mechanincal filteration because it will have around 60 small community fish and also a nice amount of live plants and the plant will do most of the filtering of waste.

I also went to lowes and bought some paver sand for the bottom of the tank. I just have to wash it out to get the out substances out of it before I use it in the tank. I got 100 pounds for just 15 bucks. The sand will also be better then gravel for my plants to grow.

Then I bought some Ultra sun and floral sun t5 bulbs for the lighting.

I am still doing work to the tank itself and I will not have it set up for about another week or so. I am very excited to get it set up but once it is set up I will not be able to move it due to its size and weight so anything I feel needs to be done to get this set up to my liking I am trying to do now.

I will put up some pics of the tank when it is finally set up. Thanks for checking out my post.
Looks very much like mine. The cabinet looks similar too. (Except my tank is not bow front and smaller - 250ltrs). The power heads and filter trays look identical though. Mine was an allpondsolutions tank. Don't know if that helps at all?
Nope, ignore me... Unless its an old model they don't stock anymore!
Hey Mcor,

Thanks for replying to my post. I was out and just got back to you message.. Yes that is just like my tank. I am interested in getting another aquarium from AllPondSolutions. I like the set ups they have. Do you know if they will ship to the US?

I would like to see pictures of your set up.

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