180 Gallon build

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May 25, 2010
Edmonton Alberta
so finally getting this thing started

couple weeks ago my dad and I built this stand. Wild cherry with black doors.


after waiting 3 weeks the tank was finally done and we brought it into the house (4 large men carried it and it was still crazy heavy)


also mailman paid me a visit yesterday and brought me a koralia wavemaker 4 and 4 koralia 4 pumps


for the past month and a half i've been seeding about 100 pounds of baserock in my 55 gallon tank that had already 60 pounds of liverock


up next will be the plumbing.....
Very nice. Get the puppy going. Can't wait to see some pics. I plan on doing a 180 build this year so I will be following closely. Good luck
yeah its glass.... its rimless and euro braced.. but its getting a canopy today..... need to hide all the lights
Canopy is fine as long as it isn't ugly, just saying they don't make large framless tanks much.

What lights are you going with? I imagine you'll have to find something creative to penetrate the eurobrace
Canopy is on.


door is going to be black and will be coming on monday
the opening is like this because if i ever want to add metal halides that need to be raised of the water surface, i can take the door off and create another box that sits on top of the canopy and holds the MH lights


to avoid lifting the whole heavy canopy everytime i need to do something in the tank.... only the front half comes off. back half and door will stay on the tank.


this is how the 2 halves are joined

that looks great i cant wait to see how it looks when its setup
Did you have the tank custom made, or did you buy it from somewhere?

The cabinet and the tank both look great!
Did you have the tank custom made, or did you buy it from somewhere?

The cabinet and the tank both look great!

tank is custom made but a standard 180 gallon size

but its a peninsula style tank with the overflow centered on the right wall.... this way i am not restricted to its use...... im probably gonna be moving out of my parents house within a year or 2 so when i move into my own house i am not limited to the positioning...
.... also both long sides can be used as the front, so if i ever scratch one side, i can turn it around and have another good face
The stand and hood look great! Very cool design. Awesome! following.. :popcorn:
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