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Jun 23, 2011
Virginia Beach
Since im in the process of finishing up my 110 gallon build and things arent quite going as smoothly or quickly as planned i turned my old 20g into a fowlr and thought id share with the rest of AA.

I had the idea of a small "ecosystem" style tank without corals since funds are minimal but i ordered a few kids of macro algae from reefcleaners and want to grow them inside my tank. This gives me more to do in the meanwhile, more to learn, and gives it a better look than just two small fish and some rocks. Also lets me finish my planted tank journey i started while i was still doing freshwater.

Questions, comments, advice, anything is well appreciated. Thanks :D
Going to take some pictures today. I do have rock in there but its not a lot, mainly one huge piece and a fell small ones.
My layout thus far. Just waiting for the order of macro algae, and a few feather dusters. Hopefully my little "ecosysyem" works out good.


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Im trying to promote coraline growth in the tank and its not going well. I have a good calicum level, adequite lighting (could be better) and live rock that had some coraline but seems to be dying. Advice?
Im trying to promote coraline growth in the tank and its not going well. I have a good calicum level, adequite lighting (could be better) and live rock that had some coraline but seems to be dying. Advice?

Mine did that as well. The coralline will come back and spread.
If it doesnt i may have to scrape coraline off the rocks in my big tank (which doesnt seem to good either). I can keep fish alive but cant promote algae growth? That sounds like fail.
Reef cleaners package came in! Hermits are living, John sent me more than a few extra snails, macro looks good and feather dusters are hiding a bit but should be fine. Now to acclimate and place :)
Everything is settling in, now that i've seen it though it looks crammed. Might be upgrading to my 30 long and going for a different look.


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My damsels are so rude to the snails. They're taking them out of the algae and throwing them around. Hopefully they dont kill them.
Hi, some damsels can be aggressive, before I took them back to my lfs they used to chase everything in my tank. They even attack me when I put my hand in the tank. I had the azure damsels which are very similar to yours.
My damsels arent that aggresive, they're very timid at times. I think they just dont like all the new life in the tank but they seemed to have stopped picking on the snails. For all i know they could be a pair that wants to mate. Only time will tell.
That's good to here, mine were driving me nuts lol. Some damsels can be more aggressive than others even from the same breed, it was just my luck the 2 I had were bonkers.
These two are all alone minus snails and hermits. Im debating if i want to move them into the big tank onces its done or keep them all alone.
The damsels have gotten far to aggressive towards one another lately. There is a chance i may take them to the LFS and get a pair of clowns instead since i planned to get a pair when the big tank was done anyway.
Doing my daily tank inspection walking around just making sure everything seems alright i discovered a little green ony live rock that was coraline, right now it seems like hair algae which i dont mind since my hermits will eat it but from another angle it seems like bubble algae. Going to have to give it another day or two to see which one it is.
I saw something in my tank that has me a little confused. I had a piece of base rock that was covered in diatoms but the snails cleaned it all up and now what looks like coraline is taking over the cleaned spots. Any idea how that happened since my actual live rock doesnt have any purple on it?
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