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Feb 5, 2010
I've been checking craigslist for a 125G, and a bigger tank to upgrade my 38G w/ 10G sump. I also have a 29G biocube. I decided with a baby on the way maybe I shouldn't go all out, save money and time. I have a 20G and stand just sitting in the back room. I want to do something different with it though. Maybe, one side LR, and the other like a planted garden, and I'd also like a little shelf for growing frags. I know this isn't a hobby for cheap, but is there a "cheaper" lighting system out yet that has some decent T5HO, and maybe some LEDs that isn't over $200 for a 20G tank?

I haven't even thought about what liverock I might put in there, just going to focus on the rock / plant idea. I guess I'll have to watch out what I put in there so it does tear out my plants, huh?

Any ideas about the lights and or tank setup idea, please chime in. I'm real excited to setup this 3rd tank, and when my wife gets up convince her that I found the perfect placeto put it :p
Check on fishneedit.com they have decent t5 and metal halide reasonable. The quality of the bulbs themselves isn't the greatest and will need to be replaced.
They are a little cheaper, but by the time I replace the bulbs I'm at the same price really. Thanks though.
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