29 bio-cube HQI build

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Aug 16, 2013
Just purchased a new biocube HQI, very happy with the way the tank is designed however defiantly would like to make some upgrades.

I will post some pictures as the tank comes along, and would really appreciate any I put on stocking, upgrades, problems with bio cubes that you haven't resolved yet, or really anything for that matter.

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Grats on the new tank! I had a biocube and really really loved it! I regret selling mine and will hopefully have another one some day soon.

The best mod I did and would say is needed is to add an intank media basket. Makes maintenance a breeze. :) Look up intank.com I think it is, they also have a bunch of other things you can upgrade including the return pump.
Thanks will do, did you every have any problems with parameters?
My biocube was always pretty good, but I used to waaaay overfeed as I had a mandarin in the tank. But the intank basket made keeping things easier. I ran filter floss on the top for particulate matter and changed it every few days. I also ran chemipure elite in the rack, this helped control phosphates as it has gfo in it. And finally I had purigen in there as well, this kept the water crystal clear all the time. Both medias I would change out every 4 months or so, it says its good for 6 months but I found 4 to be the magic month. :)
Also, when you do water changes, be sure to rinse the bags of media in old tank water to removed any gunk on them. I had high nitrates for awhile until I figured out they were lingering on the media bags. lol
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Adding the live rock this weekend and filling so I can start cycling.
I'm actually looking at getting a media reactor to go within in the stand, most likely an FMC-415.
To run seagel

And then might create a biological reactor system.

Tank is getting filled today so we will see how it all goes,
Thanks, I'm pretty happy with it, I had the live rock formations, and my bio filtration in a cycle tank for 5 months now, so it should be good in just a couple days. However full water test will be done.

Trying to decide what corals to get first any ideas?
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