2x250 Hamilton MH or 2x150 Coralife HQI aqualight pro

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Aug 13, 2003
Santa Clara, CA
Hey u guys.. I have both the 2x250 Hamilton MH hood or 2x150 Coralife HQI aqualight pro. I had the hamilton but bought the coralife fixture cuz for some reason my hamilton went kaput and i had to get a back up so i could send in for warranty. But so now i got my hamiton fixed and i was wondering which one is better.. i like the coralife hood cuz its quiet and it acutally puts out nice color..but is it better in the long run for my corals than the hamilton?? i haven't had any luck on finding any reviews for the coralife but it seems okay.. does anyone know about it.?? your input would be appreciated..
for your 12 gal tank?
2x150 is WAY more then enough for ANYTIHNG!
You have like 25 watts per gallon.. TLike too much light :)

I hope this is for a different tank..?
even for a 55 gallon thats still 12 atts per gallon. WAY fine for ANYTHING !
I just bought the 48'' Coralife HQI aqualight pro
I love it. beautiful shimmering light. Very natrual looking.
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