3 snails have died in the past week

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Mar 25, 2011
North East Ohio
Three of my four snails have died in just over a week. Im not sure where the last one is but I am afraid he too is dead. I just put my light on yesterday, but I am worried it is my parameters. Could it have been lack of food for 4 snails in a 29g with no algae growth? Or do you think it might be parameters? I don't have a test kit yet, because I had my LFS test for me before I moved an hour back home after the school year ended. I might go get a kit tomorrow after my job interview.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
Can you tell us more about your tank? How long has it been setup, what's in it total, how it was cycled, etc. Lack of food won't kill in short order.
My shrimp is now dead also.

My tank has had livestock in it for exactly 3 months now... it was cycled using live rock... In february so they tank was cycled for a month, then was unoccupied for a month before my live stock was put in. I came home to my shrimp dead in my tank tonight.

I did a large PWC earlier today. I would say 40ish%.
I am starting to get worried. I think I am going to get a test kit tomorrow. Im sure something is high in my tank. If that is the case what can I do to lower whatever is high other than PWC's.
are you using RO/DI water?

check for copper and salinity levels. inverts are more prone to copper then fish are as well as salinity shock
No I am not using RO/DI water. I will check my salinity.

How do you check for copper, is it a test you can buy?
yes there is, and if you use tap water you should condition the water and run heavy metal removers.
I would def test for copper, you never know. You don't have your own regular test kit? Maybe something is a miss. I also second the idea of using a dechlorinator if you are using tap water.
Oh, I didn't know that hopefully I am not hurting them before I can right my wrongs. I check the salinity and it was a bit lower than I thought so I corrected it. When you try to raise your tank salinity how do you do so?

Do you just premix the water with a higher salinity and use it like a Fresh Water Top off? That is what I have been doing and it seemed to work fine for a while.
I would def test for copper, you never know. You don't have your own regular test kit? Maybe something is a miss. I also second the idea of using a dechlorinator if you are using tap water.

Ok thanks you both. I am going to try to get to my fish store tomorrow but it is an hour away so it might not be possible. Something is defiantly not right here it might have been the salinity. I only hope it is an easy fix.

Is it possible it is my Nitrates?
yep thats all you do, you never want to mix salt when there is live stock as the salt can do some damage in crystal form
I know shrimp are very sensitive to nitrates so your best bet is to get your own API master saltwater kit and maybe a copper test kit. You could be leeching out metals too, I figure best to test for copper just in case. I test for copper with all the new live rock I get to be sure.
Ok thanks a lot. I will get that ASAP.

I also got some dry uncured LR on vacation. I was wondering how best to introduce it into my system.

I know you are supposed to put it in a bucket with warm saltwater and circulation. What do I do after that? What do I do to jumpstart a cycle in the bucket with the uncured LR?
This might just be for freshwater, but are you sure your snails were dead? They often sleep or retract or stay still for long periods of time. Did you sniff them to make sure?
I know two of them are dead as they "trap" door fell out. When I picked up the one today something blackish fell out of the shell and got blown across the tank by the power head. It was the deteriorating snail :(

The shells haven't moved for a while I am confident they are all dead. I just can't find that last one.
Oh dear... I'm sorry to hear that... :-/ That is definitely dead. I agree with the others, as snails are particularly hardy, that it could be an unknown source of copper.
did you say you use tap water for water changes and don't remove the chlorine first? if so, chlorine is poison to these creatures.
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