30 gallon FOWLR stock

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wouldn't advise a dottyback may get aggressive in a 30g , flame angel's shouldn't be added into anything less than 40g this was changed as they are very active fish ,
I know you didn't mention these but do not add damsels for any reason (you'll be thankful later) they are demons
clowns are a good choice along with fire fish
here's a list of fish that will work with your tank ,always check the compatibility when buying fish , aprox 6 fish would be your max depending on size full grown

here is a good amount of info on the flame angel
I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes. In comparison to the Dory tang that gets routinely tossed into a 4 foot tank or the Naso that is in a 6 footer, I don't think you are too far outside the box.
It depends on the size and how long are you intent to keep the fish in that tank?

U can keep them, but once they grow bigger what are u going to do? how are u going to manage the quality of the water?

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