30 gallon sump

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Nov 29, 2012
Watervliet, NY
I have a 30 gallon O'Dell tank(over 15 years old. If it doesn't leak do I need to reseal it or should the silcone be fine?
I would reseal it. I would hate to have to reseal it later after water has leaked all over the floor. Shouldn't take long to reseal. I just revealed a 150g. That took awhile but a smaller tank should be easy
I will test the tank for a week or so and see if any issues occur. The 2 LFS are telling to leave it if doesn't leak. Blowing Smoke? I mean my current tank is 12 years and a bow at that and no problems. Still unsure because I am a novice(first time) with sealant. Never had a problem.
Silicone gets old and will eventually lose a seal. Especially if the tank has been sitting for awhile. Its not hard. Just take your time and scrape all the silicone off. I used painters tape to create a clean bead and used a spoon for smoothing the silicone. Best way I have found so far. I've resealed the 150g and made two sumps so far
Personal I think the older tanks are sealed better than the new ones. New ones seem to have less silicone and thinner bead. I have a 15 year old 75 marine land no problems and a newer 46 bowfront that has a thin bead. But choice is yours see if it's peeling off or loose if not seal right over it with a thin bead.
If your going to reseal it you have to do it all at one time and remove all the old silicone. Silicone will not stick to itself and will just peel off
Yea it sometimes is but the more you get out the better it will be. Rubbing alcohol helps a little. Pour some on a towel and rub it on the residue. Some will come off and it will also help see spots you missed
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