3d background, need help from anyone thats build one of these.

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Sep 30, 2013
So I'm building my 3d background for my 55 gallon freshwater tank, I'm getting to the point where I'm going to start water curing it but how do people who have build these get them to sink haha. It is made out of syrofoam. I have one more coat of quickcrete to do this afternoon and them seal it. Any help would be very grateful seeing how I've spent a lot of time on this. Cheers


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Heres the back of it, my ipad only lets me load one photo up at a time


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yes silicone it to the inside of the tank it going in and fill the tank with water and start soaking.
Thanks bob, should i keep my filter running while its soaking?
There it is all finished, time to water cure!!!!!!!! Bob, how long did it take for your wall to quit leeching and your water to stabilize?


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add some prime to the water. some take a week some take longer. after a week check all your water test . and see where it sets. when u think its ready get some test fish like some feeders from the lfs and see how it goes with them
Might be too late but make sure you use plenty of silicone I had one I did the same way come crashing through my versa top into my light one night.
i also cut holes in mine and added gravel to help hold it down and coverd the holes with spray foam insulation
I used 3/4 of a tube of silicone, hopefully this holds it. I'm letting it cure over night and plan on adding water tomorrow after work. Hope it works out because it looks fantastic in the tank!

No its 3/4" insulation stacked onto top of each other then I used quikcrete over everything. 4 coats, added some weight so we shall see
Thanks guys! I'm actually going to try and make one for my 10 gallon tank and make the background an aio system for a nano reef, should be interesting to see if it works out
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