45 gallon light

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Feb 20, 2011
Miami, FL
iam looking to get rid of my marineland double bright led system it looks great but iam want something that can support corals you guys think 2 coralife dual t5 ho 78w 36inch lights can do it for my tank i would like a verity of corals of all levels i have lots of high and low spots in my tank to set up corals

so input would be nice before i blow $240 on a light system

please dont suggest MH or some DIY lighting i just want something simple and cheap and is enough to make corals happy and look nice

thanks for your input :rainbowafro:
The marineland fixture definitely won't support corals. Unless you are referring to the "reef-capable" one, which I wouldn't trust.

As far as a 36" fixture look into fishneedit.com, good systems for pretty cheap. Tek also has some really nice fixtures, but they are pricier. For all kinds of coral I'd atleast look into a 4-bulb T5HO system, probably a 6-bulb (which Tek would be a nice 6-bulb one). They'll probably be more than you'd like, but that's what you'd need for all types of coral
fishneedit.com is always sold out. so 2 coralife 36inch dual t5 HO 78w wont do the trick
Depending on how deep the tank is you could keep some corals, probably lower light SPS near the top
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