48" coralife lunar aqualight- problem with moonlights

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Mar 12, 2009
Newburgh, IN
Recently I bought a used coralife lunar aqualight and the guy I bought it from told me that the ballast for the leds needed to be replaced and that coralife has a lifetime guarantee and they were sending him a new one. I beginning to think this guy is fos. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix them myself? I took the light apart already to clean and I didn't see anything that looked like a ballast for the leds, only a little box that looked like a power supply of some sort. Do I try and replace the leds? or is there someway to replace the power supply for them? Thanks in advance.
I agree with your assessment of the person you bought it from, as Coralife fixtures don't have lifetime warranties, and LEDs don't use ballasts.

I'd look at replacing the power supply (the little box) first. Most likely that's your problem as there isn't much that can go wrong with LEDs. You should be able to get a new power supply from the manufacturer, or buy another fixture used for cheap and scavenge the power supply off it... assuming it works!
I'm no electrician but I was pretty sure there wasnt a ballast for the leds. What I dont know is where to find a replacement power supply for them. I've only been able to find replacement leds. I've never had a light like this before so I am new to the power compact lights.
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