Wanted: 48'' light fixture

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Jun 5, 2011
Chicago Illinois
I have a 55gal and need a 48'' light fixture. I'm looking for a flourecent fixture but am open to whatever you got. Let me know your item and how much you want for it. Pictures are good too. Thanks a bunch!!! (y)
Look up Odyssea lights, you can get them from ebay. I have the 48" with 2 actinic 2 regular along with 4 LED moonlights and I love it. Only costs 98 dollars
4Ft/4Bulbs fixture

These come pretty highly recommended from most people I know who own 1 of their fixtures. Can't hardly beat the price... It's not used, but still a very decent price.
Go to lowes or home depot and buy a 4 ft utility/shop light, these have cords so you can plug into outlets. Usually about $15 or $20 for a dual bulb fixture.
I guess it depends on the application of the fixture... a dual T8 shop light fixture on a 48" tank will not do much in terms of coral or anything but basic plants. But that might be all you need.
I have two fixtured running side by side in an open back wood canopy I built for my 55 g freshwater.
ah, that would be a little more power then if you have 2 running :)

They can be really good, and really economical, depending on the application.
Price was the big deciding factor for me. It's really not any different then one they label for aquarium use just a huge price difference. Imo
There is an extreme difference between an individually reflected T5HO fixture like the one I linked and a no reflector or poor reflector T8 shop light. The PAR readings for both fixtures of the same bulbs and bulb length would not even be in the same league.

ya i have no live plants

Ah, then the shop light is def. the way to go. I was assuming specialty application like plants or coral... should have asked first :)
I bought a dual t8 shop light at home depot for like 20$.... It's for a ceiling so I took an extension cord, wired it up, mounted it inside my wooden canopy I made and voila :) def saves alot of $. Tho now I need better lights for my 5 foot 140... Guess I need to either invest in a stand Alone t5 Ho or led or build another canopy ( cheapest) lol
I act built this for a 55 g but use it on my 90. ( which is when I added more lights) it's to narrow bit I just lift it off... I ended up with nerve damage in my hand and haven't done much woodwork wise since... Kinda hard lol....


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Current USA true lumen led son !!!!! You can't go wrong and saves you a ton of money
If you wanna go LED strips you may as well grab ecoxotic stunner strips, way brighter for the same price, much better colors too

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