5ppm nitrate safe for soft corals??

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May 2, 2005
I have my new tank for 7 weeks now i tested my water about a week ago and everything was at 0 or atleast i thought it was, I have a A.P.I. test kit with the color cards so i cant really tell. I ordered some Zoathids and a Colt coral online and i should receive it tomorrow. Today i tested the water again but now nitrate is between 5-10 ppm. I cant really tell because of the color card but it is closer to 5. Is my water safe for the corals? what should i do? I have a clean up crew in my tank and theyre doing just fine. :?:
Have you done your weekly/bi-weekly water changes? 5ppm should be fine but it's not optimal.
I did one 10% water change at 6 weeks and now im planing to do it every other week
Mine does just fine on 5ppm. Matter of fact I generally run between 7 & 10.
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