6 line wrasse jumped out.

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Sep 9, 2005
Southern California
I woke up today and my wrasse jumped ship, she was my favorite fish but I think I'm going to go with another fish instead as my last.

Tank has been up about 6 months and I have 2 clowns, 1 randalls goby, and 1 firefish, anyone got any ideas for a last fish?
I was thinking of doing a mandarin. I grow maidens hair algae in both my mantis shrimp tanks to control nutrients and they are crawling with pods that I could use in my 37g.

Also maybe a flameback angel or a different kind of wrasse.
Also maybe a flameback angel or a different kind of wrasse.

With any angel species, make sure you are willing to and able to take it back to the store, if it nips your corals. They are touch and go on being reef safe. Just a heads up.
Best invest in some feeder shrimp for the first few weeks. You can taper in some thawed mysis shrimp and it should start eating prepared foods after that. Some of those can be cranky though. Bonus side is they like pods!
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