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Apr 7, 2009
I've been doing this a while...ever since I got out of college. I have a 30 gallon long tank my dad used when I was a kid; here's a list of what I have fish-wise:

-1 common pleco, 6 years old
-1 peppered cory, 6 years old (he outlived his buddy, going on 2 years now)
-1 hora's loach, 6 years old
-1 bala, 5 years old (I know, they're a shoaling fish, but his 2 buddies didn't make it! Good thing they didn't either, because he's 8 inches in a 30 gallon!)
-2 flying foxes, 2 years old (had three, one escaped and became a petrified cigar for my dog until I got it away from her!)

So yeah, my 30 gallon is overpopulated (mainly because a 3rd of it is covered by bala shark)...but there's good news. A nice shiny, new 75 gallon is in the works for the new house. Maybe my bala can get some new buddies!

Anyway, I'd also like to find out if anyone knows of a good fish selling establishment in southcentral Indiana? Everything we had is gone. Petco and Petsmart will not suffice!!!
Well idk how far you are from lafayette, but there is a great place here that sells probably the best selection of fish/plants ive ever seen, fresh and salt. Pretty broad selection and they get some rare fish in every couple of weeks
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