72" coralife fan problems/power supply

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Feb 8, 2009
Exit 157, GSP
Acquired a 180 setup w/ a coralife 72" 50/50. When the acrylic warped out of the channel the second time further invertigation showed no fan ops. I opened up the unit and the 120vac - 12vac 830ma was not send power to the 12vac - 12vdc rectifier. I found an adapter from an old answering machine 120vac - 13vac 800ma. wired this in and viola. fans work when 10K lights powered. worked for 2 days. today no fans. Opened up fixture and testing revealed new power supply rated @ 13vac is actually 14.65vac. no power from dc side of rectifier. the fans are 12vdc 0.14A. Any suggestions on how to repower the 2 fans? I've been trying to find parts for this fixture to no avail. Ialso ordered new legs after snapping the pair on it try to tightnen a screw while on the tank.
Thanx Kevin
yes sparky it is. 2 fans rating above

Kind of sounds like the rectifier could be shot. Like mentioned above, 110v lamps would sure simplify the whole thing. You could get away with just wiring the fans in parallel with the light ballasts. That way when the lights are on, the fans will be too.
anybody know what the long term would be when powering the 2-12vdc 014A w/ a 120VAC 1A effects may be. do I need resistors or somethin'?
correction-120vac -12vdc 1A to power two fans. the fans are wired to the 10K switch/power source.
Sooo- I put an adapter for a garmin gps to operate on 120v. A 120VAC -12VDC 1AMP. Running a trial over night w/ the fans running. no lights connected.
First of all a 12 volt transformer will read higher if there is no load on it. I would test each fan separately along with the rectifier. I suspect you have a bad fan that caused the rectifier to fail.
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