800 gallon L - Shape Custom Build

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We need a major update. A tank like this on a site like this requires it lol
Amazing tank... insanely jealous :O

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So u have time for your new tank but u can't post pics of this one ?? Makes no sense
We are all hoping to get a sneak peek of this updates tank, hope the op is on soon
He is on as he has another build thread. I actually just commented on another thread he opened and told him we wanted updates here.
Sorry to hear that! If it's ok with you we would like to hear more about it to learn from your experience.
Had an ice storm in December , no power for 3 days, combined with a generator failure.

To this day the house where the tank was still loses power 2-3 times a week for a couple mins. Didn't want to continue investing $$$ in the tank with such an unreliable power grid.

So I shut the tank down?. I set up another tank at home ... It's no 800 but it's pretty cool.ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1411317404.446194.jpg
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