8x2.5x2 reef tank

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Mar 19, 2013
western australia
So I'm setting up my big tank finally. I had a 6x2 as a sump but I cracked it while moving it. I'm getting a 4x2 sump to replace it in the next week or so. Will be running cheap LEDs over the tank till I can afford a better system. Skimmer is an aqua excel external one it stands about 4ft high. I have 2 gyres to put in it and a siccie sdc return pump. Will upload pics in the next week or so
I was devastated. I got the tank for a steal too. Complete set up for $700 I got a 4x2 on a stand with it as well I sold that and put a sump under it as a complete package and the tank had a snowflake eel and a wobby gong shark as well and I traded them into a shop for store credit I have made the money back already so that's awesome
What cheap lights are you using and what is your long term light plan?
I think they were reef grow LEDs or something? I'm going to get a 5ft t5 and just supplement it with LEDs on either end for now.
Still in the process of setting it all up. I built a new steel stand for it and just have to paint it. Need some timber for the base and top. Then some foam. I bought 2 5ft red sea t5 lights so will get new globes soon. Was going to use LEDs but decided against it
I leak tested it for a week it held water fine then when I drained it and it sat for a few days I came outside and it was cracked all through the base was pretty guttered. I picked up a 6x2.5.1.5 tho so will be my new frag system as I've just started an aquarium maintenance business
It's awesome some of the stuff we get. I may or may not have got a new system.... and it may or may not be a 10x4x2.1/2 it needs some work but I think it's going to be awesome20220502_062446.jpg20220502_062438.jpg
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