90 gallon under gravel fikter set up?

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Dec 9, 2008
Houlton Maine
I got a under gravel filter hooked up in my 90 with 3 poweheads but i am not sure if it is are hooked up right. I have a tetra pf filter running to it. Do i plug off the extra holes or leave them open? Is 3 power heads to much? And where should they be placed? ONe of the power heads is blowing alot of air bubbles. Any where i can get directions to hook up a ugf systym. I posted a few pics if you can make any sense of them. I had this ugf givin to me with no directions. Thanks


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Yeah cool Copter!
Yes plug off the extra holes or the water will flow through the holes instead of the substrate.
I would only run two of the powerheads and put the third away as a spare since you have a power filter hooked up too.
I would run the powerheads on each end with the power filter in the middle
Just to spit out my opion, gravel filter are a big no no to me.

-Plants root into it and you have to uproot everything to pull it up and clean it.
-Like I said before you have to take the gravel out and clean the thing which sucks.
-Can't use sand (I use sand in all my aquarium.)
-They require an air pump or power head.
-All those plastic tubes running up are kind of bad looking.

Just my opion though.
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