A battle with my maxi-jet powerheads

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Oct 17, 2003
Birmingham UK
I have been fighting what can only be described as a "battle" of wills with my four MP1200 for several years. They are plugged into my wavemaker and attached to the walls of my tank with suction cups. Every so often they will launch themselves off my walls and at my corals or poor anenome as the suction cups become detached.

Despite cleaning the glass and suction cups throughly and replacing them yearly they still cause me endless grief.

Recently I have managed to hang two of the four pumps from the glass avoiding the need for the suction cups which is fantastic. My battle still contiues with the other two.

Has anyone got any advice for me. Unfortunately I can't fit any more hanging devices as the structure of my hood and tank top doesn't let me - not without some serious hacking of the tank and cabinet which in all honestly I don't trust myself to do.

Please help ...
Or you could upgrade to one or two hydor koralia PH's. They provide better flow for coral(wide, gently flow path rather than a jet-stream blasting things), use less energy, and include magnet mounts and look much cleaner in the tank IMO.
I have the Hydors and love them, so far. No more suction cups, I've seen snails crawl across the "intakes" without any damage.
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