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Dec 12, 2009
hey guys i definatly want to set up a new nano tank while still keeping mine which is a 29 tall. i was thinking of just get a normal 10 gallon tank and go from there or shood i get a jbj nano or somthing like that, give me ur opinions :)
If you want all inclusive I would suggest a biocube or nano cube or something similar. everything in one package.
i wish i was aloud a 125 gallon i wood ssave up my money for that and i hav a good stack rite now but my dad said electricity is to high :( i rlly want to get because people are selling them on craigslist for like 500 with stand,sump,light,heater and some corals ect...
cmon any1? i rlly need some help on something serious because i am thinking about getting that tank
also if i do get this tank listed above (90 gal) i would sell my 29 gal. sorry for double post.
Looks like a good deal, a little pricey in my opinion but it comes with decent lights which usually are the most expensive part of a reef tank. You do want corals and the such correct?
yes of course i want coral my 29 gallon wood stay up and running until this tank comes in then my 29gallon goes on craigslist! but do u think i should wait for a 125 gallon tank with a deal like this? also i cant really tell but are 90 gallon bow front really long or tall because i kinda want it long :/
I think a standard 90 is only 4 feet, maybe 5. I woudl wait for a 125g if you can. I got mine for $100 with stand and lights (sold off the lights for $75 ) so it came out to $25. :)

These deals are not everyday but they do exist. i have an app on my phone that alerts me to new stuff when it's posted so I get first dibs.

I just missed out on a FREE 180 tank and stand. :-(
i think i will wait for a 125gal also and i think i would pay 750 for lights with it and stuff
With that budget it's just a matter of time. i see awesome setups for that price range with lots of goodies and not crappy basic setup either. :)

Things to look for: solid, unscratched drilled tank, good lighting, either 3 250watt metal halides or a 12 bulb T5 setup. make sure it has a large enough sump, maybe a refugium in the sump and a decent skimmer. For that kind of money you should be getting powerheads and heater as well.
i really want the tank right now! and i just might get the 90 but a 125 i can do almost anything medal halides i dont want i just want t5 because im not looking to pay bank for electric bill :p i want to get tank befor school year starts because i am in high school now...
and im not trying for hard corals i think all soft. also at first im just going to put the fish from my 29gal in there a pair of clowns which are currently laying eggs on a scheldual, 2 hippos, skunk cleaner, and thats it with a bunch of soft coral i have.
sorry for double post. all obviously after the cycling, these fish would be the only ones other than maby like a damsel or something like that
omg i keep on forgetting to add this. my fish and maby a damsel for like the 1st month because money is tight.
i just saw somthing in your post about the skimmer, i dont care if they dont give me one because the one in my 29 gallon is meant for a 125 gallon, overpower@!
carey do you know a good website to get local fish tanks because there nothing even close to me on craigslist
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