acrylic scratch removal

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May 27, 2006
Kissimmee, FL
hi again all...

I have a 245g acrylic tank that I got from my old company. It was a display tank in a restaurant and has some minor scratches from the coral that decorated the tank (plus the a$$hole movers filled it with misc. crap when we moved from cali.( I wanted to kill them! shoulda heard me cussing them out when I saw that!! well maybe better you
Anyways what is a good way to remove minor scratches?? I have a orbital buffer and could get a high speed one if neccessary? I have seen the small high grit sanding blocks before but this is a 96x24.5x24 tank and would probably take years with a hand held block...Are there easier alternatives? any recomended compound waxes etc???

Thanks in advance.

There are acryllic scratch kits that have special polishing compounds for the job. That with the right head on your buffer should do the trick.

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I think the key is to make sure you use the correct progression of abrasive pads. This is why they have kits with abrasives of varying degrees. I guess you go from most coarse to least coarse.

Let me know how you make out. I have a large acrylic I would like to "buff up".

Good luck!

Pete R.
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