Acrylic Tank "Repair" Advice - Please Help

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Jul 7, 2009
I have a 850+ gallon acrylic aquarium. It is made of 1" thick acrylic. It is 10' long x 4' wide x 40" tall.

In the middle of the front bottom seam (specifically BELOW and AWAY from the seam is a 1 inch chip. Again, it is NOT near the seam, but rather on the edge of the acrylic.

Is there any way to "repair" it INVISIBLY???? I am trying to sell the tank and I do not want people to think that the tank leaks -- because it DOES NOT! I am simply looking for ant suggestions as to fixes that will "fill in" the imperfection -- without it looking like it's a problem / or a repair to a leak.

Thanking you in advance.
where are you trying to sell the tank and for how much?

i dont think there is any way to make it invisible without some considerable work to it. How deep is the chip?
if you still have the chip you could use acrylic glue and glue it back on but it wont be invisible. with it that deep there is nothing that i know of that will make it disappear.
You can fill it in with thick Weld-on, or for better color match, dissolve a bit of the original plastic (cut into shaving so it will dissolve) in Weld-on solvent (like #3). Basically, you fill the gap, let it dry, fill some more until you build up enough thickness to fill the void. <The thicker you make the weld-on, the fewer layers needed.> Then sand & buff. This will fill the void, but won't be totally invisible.
I'd look online for some acrylic cement, and just put a little on it at a time till it dries, then do another layer until you get it close to flush
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