Adding Solutions to water

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Feb 4, 2004
I was told that dosing your tank once a week with Zoe, Garlic Extreme, Coral vitamins and Iodine is a good idea. Any suggestions on this?

Ammonia: 0
Alk: 180
SG: 1.023
Temp: 78 Degrees

1 Lionfish (Volitan)
1 Yellow Tang
1 Toadstool Leather Coral
10 Mushroom coral
1 Xenia Coral
3 Turbo Snai ...

55gal FOWLR Bak-Pak w/built in Skimmer, RENA FILSTAR XP3 CANISTER FILTER Coralife 2X65 Coralife Aqualight (130 Watt) 1X15 Coralife Bluelight 55 LBS of LR
I would stay away from the coral vitamins and iodine. With regular water changes you won't have any problems with trace elements and iodine. The garlic extreme I'm not too familiar with, I've heard of soaking fish food in garlic solutions to boost immunity and help prevent infections but not dosing directly to the tank...maybe someone else will know more. HTH
Zoe is a vitamin supplament, so adding another one ontop of it is pretty much simply adding algae to your tank. Any vitamin supplaments should, IMO, be added to the food as a soak rather than the whole tank, it will do more for the fish and inverts through ingestion and won't pollute the tank nearly as much. I am not a believer in iodine, but it won't hurt anything if dosed to NSW levels, the problem is there are no reliable iodine kits, so it is hard to determine when you've reached that level which is 6 parts per billion, I also believe you give plenty of iodine through water changes and feeding. If you do regular water changes, IMO, the only thing you need to consider adding to the tank is a CA and ALK supplament (test first) and possibly a vitamin and [acronym="Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acid"]HUFA[/acronym] supplament to the food, I am also not a huge believer in garlic. I won't argue with someone elses results, but it hasn't done anything for my fish.
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