Algae is really annoying

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May 22, 2012
I left for Winnipeg not to long ago and came back after 4 days. When I left I had minor assorted algae. I came back and a garden has planted it self. It's really bad. I had brown algae on the glass, hair algae smothered on every piece of live rock, and I notice some sort of red/pinkish algae covering every piece of sand I had. I heard magnesium might be a problem. And help would be appreciated. Thanks
If you also just added four fish to this system, your really on the verge of a crash.
Algae becomes a problem when there are too many nutrients in the water, mainly phosphates and nitrates. With the additions, youve just compounded the problem.
You need to suck out the Cyanobacteria( red algae on sand), during a heavy PWC.
You also need a GFO reactor to reduce phosphates. Reducing your photoperiod will also help curb the hair algae and Cyano.
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