Algae plague

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Jan 15, 2006
Inexplicable algae: 8 month-old 500-litre tank, sump and protein skimmer. Water is crystal-clear. I've just measured Ph 8.0 (I've added a bit of buffer to get back to 8.2), NO2 0.05, No3 0, NH4 0, PO4 0, Ca 320ppm.

Fish are lively and in perfect health, I feed them a varied diet every other day and the protoreaster gets a mussel once a week.

The skimmer bubbles out about 50cc (a small coffeee cup) of black water a day.

BUT over the last 2 months I'm getting ever-increasing algae (green, brown and cyano on the sand). I've siphoned, stirred, prayed, to no avail.

Any ideas/suggestions would be most appreciated.
here is another how old are the bulbs , frequency of feeding , what are you feeding .
I agree with the rest, I would probably look into getting new bulbs. Once they start fading, some around 6 months, the spectrum of light changes, allowing that nasty stuff to flourish. Make sure you have good water flow, and are not feeding more than they can eat in about 3 minutes. Remember flakes are great phosphate feeders, frozen can be as well, just rinse the frozen and drain. I tend to think, the lights might be the culprit, since this is the first bloom you have had in 8 months....
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