Algea problem?

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Sep 13, 2012
Do I have an algea problem. I have a turbo snail but all he does is clear off my live rock I hate it. Is it just going through a cycle it's only been 4 weeks since start up.


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It's a diatom bloom. Completely normal in a new tank. 4 weeks and you have an anemone? That specimen is badly bleached out also.
The tank is older than that really bc my 10 gal was 6 months old and all the water, sand, rock, and filter media are on the tank it's cycled just going through this but yea the nem was from petco he was bleached when I bought him he's slowly recovering. I did have a green BTA but his foot was badly damaged when my LFS sold him to me guess I should have checked him out first. I also have some Zoas Palys and pulsing Xenia in there doing fine.
I have biocube 29 and getting the same. Used tap but going to RO now. Any idea how long it might last?
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