All fish Died overnight

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It's not solved as mentioned they have been fine until this morning they have been in there together for months

It doesn't matter. Stress isn't instantaneous. Here is my theory as to what happened.

After serveral months one fish, probably the humu humu trigger which needs ~120 gallon tank. Sucumbed to stress and died. The death probably caused a spike in ammonia which let lose a chain reaction, killing all your live stock.

It was only a matter of time. I suggest you put a LOT more research in before you purchase ANY fish. And NEVER take the fish store's advice. They're more about making the buck than keeping the fish alive more than 80% of the time.

What may have also happened is that the anemone died and poisoned the tank. What lighting do you have on the tank?

Here are the problems you have:
1.)40L is barely enough to hold one clown GOBY let alone several large fish that require 100gallon systems.
2.) The tank being 3 months old was barely stable. I'm assuming you didn't cycle properly either.
3.) The anemone needed a MUCH larger tank. It was probably stinging the two larger fish as they swam by constantly.
4.) The anemone needed more light and more stable tank conditions.

Research is of utmost importance to reef keeping and I'm afraid you have skipped the step. I know I'm being harsh, but it's the cold hard facts. Sometimes you have to be mean to the point that either the person straightens out or the person realizes the hobby is not for them.
And always ask the wonderful people of AA before getting another fish until you get the hang of stocking.

P.S. I didn't mean to sound snippy at all, and if I sounded snippy or condescending, I'm really sorry.

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So here's my guess. They suffocated due to low O2 levels.

1) Readings in the morning showed no ammonia
2) Fish don't decay that fast
3) Fish don't die all at once due to 'stress'. No Jim Jones moment in the sea.
4) based on the op 'No it is fully enclosed' when asked of something could have gotten in the tank.

Just a guess based on the info provided.

Way over stocked though. If you want those kinds of species you need to invest in a 75G+ setup. If not, you need to be happy with a couple small (small being small when ADULTS) and a mini reef.
Thanks for the help to work out what happened with my fish I have now got some ideas about it but as I mentioned it appears as they all died instantly as the way they all were positioned
How is the equipment running? Another way to kill all the fish at once is a faulty heater or powerhead that shorts out and electrocutes the tank.
I definitely agree that the tank was way overstocked. Three of those fish did not belong in nowhere near a 10 gallon tank. Sorry this happened but you need to research these things out. Did you cycle the tank?
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