Am i cycling wrong?

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Sounds like you are there but.....check it all one more time this evening to be safe. Your initial stock list looks fantastic. You are going to love it. :) I am excited for you.
i know it wasnt a full day after, but trites need to be zero.. it is good news, and most likely you're cycled, just be patient and be sure so you can raise some happy and healthy fish!
with less then 4 hours left
nitrite is under 1, am i cycled?
Looking that way. :) Make sure to do the water changes to get the Nitrate down. What is the nitrate level at now? As long as you get that down, I think you will be the proud papa of a new clown or two come this time tomorrow. :)
nitrate is somewhere between 10 and 20, i plan to do a pwc in 2 hors and tomorow right after soccer practice im going straight to the LFS!!!!!!!!
yeah, a little longer yet, youre close though.

Yes the fish will survive, but it is stressful for them. Add in the stress of getting netted, sloshed around in a bag netted again dropped in a completely new evironment... its a lot for any fish to go through, we dont want to add more by giving them a less than perfect home! keep dosing up to 4ppm every day and youll be there in no time.
Can I add fish if trites are 0 at 27 hours rather than 24?
We cant stop you from doing what you want with your tank... but I personally would wait the extra 2-3 days. You are close to being fully cycled
I think I'm good for fish. I did a pwc and they are as follows
amo 0
Trite .1
Trate 5
the clowns are acclimating, params are
amo and trites 0
trates 10-15
on monday i will do a pwc
i will post pics but can i just copy and paste it into the text box or id there another way to do it.
the black one is quite active while the orange one is just starting to become more active
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