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twisted metal

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Jul 13, 2011
I have had a 29Gal saltwater tank for about 7months and upgraded to a 75Gal tank with good light. I have a 48" LED LIGHT & 36" LED LIGHT. Both are reef LED lights. It's a nice set up, but I want an anemone. This 75Gal tank has been set up for about 3-4months. I have not had any problems. I got a wet/dry filter w/ refugium(sp) and good skimmer all in a 20Gal sump. The tank has aged nicely, faster then expected. The marineland LED REEF lights put out a total of 6,000 Lums. I have many corals, that all love the light, better then my old two 96watt compact bulbs. The question is, do YOU think the Ritter anemone has a good chance in my tank. Right now I have a green bubble tip anemone, and she's doing great. She loves the lights, but I like the Ritter anemone. I want to trade her out for the Ritter. I have had the bubble tip anemone for two months. I have also had good luck with a Ritter before, but that was with a tank aged for almost 3 years. Then I moved.
Can you rehome the ritter if need be? They are light hogs and can grow to over 3 ft so you will need to rehome at some point or get that 320g you've had your eye on lol Your tank is still young So you keep on eye on the water try to keep as pristine as you can Your Nem may need to be as high up as you can place it Good luck :)
I got a 75Gal tank, in my room. There is a 125Gal in the other room. Soon my dad is gonna upgrade it to a 210. Hopefuly by the time this anemone is to big. But thanks
for the tip, will keep that in mind. Will wait a while, but still looking to get one. I will try and get a smaller one. I will give it a few months. Let the water finish getting better. If it can? Well let the aged tank, find-out. Thanks!!
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