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Jan 20, 2012
An anyone tell me something about a rock anemone please
Might get one from a friend and need to know about it thanks
But seriously, place him about mid tank if he is already attached to a rock. He like medium water flow and keep him distanced from other corals. Just as much as he can reach with his tentacles. He doesn't bother anything but his tentacles can sting whatever is in his reach. I thought he was pretty ugly when I bought him but he kinda grew on me. Lol.
Haha ok does it eat fish that is in my tank cause my last one did
No, a rock anemone shouldn't be able to eat any fish, they stay relatively small. Biggest one I've ever seen was like 4" across, and they're tentacles are very short.
This one is almost 6 in across at my lfs it's huge and she said it eats silversides
Wow, that is huge for a Rock Nem. I still wouldn't worry too much about your fish. Carpets are usually the ones most known to eat tank mates.
Ok cause I had a fl nem or purple tip and it ate 4 of my fish in less then a week
A Condylactis? Yeah they've got long flowing tentacles. Rock nem's tentacles are usually very short and only on the perimeter, I think it would have a hard time overtaking a healthy fish. Just my opinion though.
Dang looks good that's what that one looks like but how big is your tank
Thanks. If the Nem at the LFS looks like that, I'm doubting it's a Carribean Rock anemone. Rock/flower Nems are widely varied in their coloration.
I would google Rock/flower Nems and take a look. It's possible the LFS has it Mis-labeled.
Ok I don't think so from what I saw of yours they look alike I ment mostly in color
Would it be worth trading both of these for that kind of nem


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I wouldn't, that war coral is pretty cool! Rock Nems are usually pretty inexpensive, I see small ones here for like $8-10, about 3-4" across.
Why do you think it's dying? It's supposed to be red/green/purple, just so you know, if you don't.
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