angelfish breeding question

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Jul 1, 2011
Dallas, Texas
I've know that before a female lays eggs her papilla becomes exposed for a little while before and after. My question is if my angels are a male and female pair will both the male and females papillas become fully exposed at the same time when the female is about to lay eggs?
From my experience she shows hers first which is larger, rounder and pinker, he showed his straight away thereafter and it is smaller, darker and more pointed.
Hmm. Both are kind of showing the same amount. And one of them that I'm pretty sure is female is a lot pinker where the other is more dull. And they both seem to be trying to pick out a spot to lay the eggs by picking at my leaves a bunch. idk if both fish in a pair will do this?
Yes sounds like u got a pair. Best of luck. Add a flat black surface and they might lay on it. Try a weighted back of a cd case if u don't have a slate.
I have a filter in the tank that's flat and black but also have a lot of amazon sword leaves I've had an angel lay eggs on in the past. And that's what they're picking at a lot so maybe they'll lay there
If it does work out ill probly keep them in the tank for a while. I have nothing but bottom feeders in it
Uh oh....I have a bristlenose ....maybe that's where the last batch of eggs by my other female dissapeared to so quick
Yip sounds right. My angels could scare off everything but not the plecs. They just stared in horror (and me) as the plec cleaned the eggs from the filter pipe in a few seconds!!!
Haha the filter pipe is such a dangerous place to lay eggs. Wandering babies could get sucked in
Yes. They are pooing machines as well. I'm looking after my 300 or so week old angel fry just now. Hard work. Think parents would do a better job than me but they are in a large community tank and don't want to risk losing them by moving to a smaller tank.
How would you risk losing them by doing that?
And what made you decide to let them stay in the community tank?
Parents are in a community tank and are very settled. Don't want to stress them at all by moving them plus the fry tanks I have are a bit small as parents are 10 inch angels. Thought about moving all the other fish into other tanks but too much hassle. In the end removing eggs was easiest option and working out so far. Plus by removing eggs, they should lay again this week, probably Wednesday, as it's been every 10 days for last 5 weeks.
**** yeah! Eggs on my filter and I walk in to the male fertilizing the eggs. Papilla noticibly different and when I got close he would stop and be territorial towards me. So after videoing a little I left so they could do their business
What I believe to be the male rubbbed its pappilla upwards across the eggs and ibdid not see any eggs deposited so I assumed this was fertilization??? And the male ate when I put food in but the "female" seemed more focused on the eggs and killing anything that moves. Sound normal?????
All sounds perfectly normal. They will fan them now. Unfertilised ones will turn White probably tomorrow. Keep us up to date.
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