Any zoa fans on here lets star a thread dedicated about them

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I love zoas. I have 3 different types in my 90 gallon reef, and hope to get some for my currently cycling 29 gallon Biocube :)
I have a ten gallon tank that is dedicated to zoas and shrooms it is slowly filling up I picked up some blues and some pinks today. I was at premium aquatics today they at some sweet maroons but they were $$$
I have a question!i have had a colony of zoas for about 8 they grow from the bottom i frag from under side only.i now have 2 softball sized colony.the? Is the last time i fragged did everything the same wasn't out of water for long but now the ones i frag off of haven't opened since fragging 4 or 5 days ago i get two to 4 opening the oter 70 to 80 dont. Any suggestions on this?
I have a question.ifrag off my big colony and have been for 8 months this last time was4 5 days ago and what i fragged are all open but the colony hasn't opened since then? What the heck?
I really like Zoas too! I have a small batch right now, I will probably post pictures later.

Nice Zoas Greenturtle. (y)
Give them some time they will come around. I would watch them though and make sure they don't have anything bothering them such as pods
HAHA three times the same question............ it does get frustrating when people dont answer I know lol. I LOVE zoas, but sadly ran out of money since I just bought my $500 lights today.................. XMAS PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What lights did you buy I just ordered a diy led kit today myself can't wait to get them
Some of mine
eagle eyes...

orange bam bam...

fire and ice...
Just did a coralvue by two little fishes did on zoas got 8 or 9 sundial snails 1 knobby starfish off and crap loads of ampiapods or copapods off.they might open now!!!!
I just ordered some corals. 5 of them are zoas. I hope I do better with these than I did with the one I had....:-(
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