anyone have a ccs that can help?

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Sep 16, 2005
Tampa, FL
can anyone help me with my coralife super skimmer? ive had for a few months, got it broken in, and it was working GREAT. salt creep clogged the airline so obviously there were no bubbles at all. well thats been taken care of, but now its tuned in to the lowest setting and the cup is still overflowing. does the whole thing need to be cleaned? could i have that much "stuff" in the water? i have a very small bioload. just some zoas, a hammer, a clam, and 1 maroon clown (that was just added saturday). this tank has been fishless for just over 2 months, so i dont think its the bioload. :?:
I have the CSS 125 and if the air vent line from the output gets plugged up with salt creep or even ends up in the water where it can't vent, the skimmer will overflow like you're talking about. Other than that, I would clean the pump itself including the needle wheel. HTH
i guess i spoke too soon, this morning its working fine again. i will clean the pump next water change tho, thanks!
i have the 65 version of that, and your experinces are like my own. It seems to freak out when you do anything drastic to it, but usually within 4-12 hours it calms down and works like normal.
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