Anyone know what the heck this is??

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Jun 18, 2021
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Newbie here, apologies in advance if I posted this in the wrong place. Anyone have any idea what these dots are? The recently appeared on a piece of driftwood and are a white or light yellow in color, seem to be some sort of bumps.

I breed snails on occasion and although I breed mystery snails those look like unhatched nerite snail eggs to me. If you have recently gotten live plants or something like that at a mixed tank at the pet store or online sometimes snails travel without you noticing. You can simply scrape them off with a clean razorblade or toothbrush. Since I can't see them in person I would suggest researching nerite snail eggs on the chance I am wrong and see if they match up. Good luck!
They look like nerite eggs to me as well, they won't hatch in freshwater.
I got two Nerite snails to speed up a diatom removal.. This is in a 10 gal planted tank with a gravel substrate.

I then no longer had that or any other real algae issue and was concerned that they then had something to eat.
However, I started to have Nerite eggs......Those tiny white dots in many places as in that photo, including on the glass..
No, they will not hatch of course but they make a tank look a bit unsightly

Long story short....., I got rid one Nerite and in a couple of days, there were no more new eggs to be found. So, I evidently had a male and a female

So, unless you got a real algae issue, just one Nerite will do if you do not know how to sex them and do not want eggs..
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