Aqua c remora skimmer question alot of diatoms!!

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Feb 11, 2009
Hey guys i have a aqua c remora skimmer in my 120g tank and its only rated for 75g and im getting alot i mean alot of brown alge u think its to small to do the job and what can i do to get rid of it tanks been up for a 1.5 months


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How long has the tank been set up? What all do you have in the tank? What other kinds of filtration are you using on the system?

What are you water parameters?

I would suggest doing some decent sized PWCs once per week and siphon out the algae as you do them. Get some test results for us on your water so we can have a look at whats going on. I think the skimmer is only part of the issue.
Hey its been up for 1.5 months maybe a little longer im using a sump for filtration it has bio balls but dont think thats big enough either it measures 24"x12"x12" in the tank i have live rock about 60lbs sand and 3 damsels coral banded shrimp couple snails and hermet crabs and just did water tests and ammonia still at .25 nitrite .5 its been like that for 2 weeks it wont go to 0!!!
Those ammonia and nitrirte numbers seem on the low side. Maybe a few more weeks and your cycle will be over.
As Mike said..if there is Amm... then I think your still cycling. You do not have enough Good bacteria to convert the Amm your fish are creating into Nitrite.

To me It looks like a big Diatom Bloom which usually occurs with new tanks somewhere along the line.

How long do you keep your lights on?

I have theh AquaC Remora Pro (mag3 pump) on my 45 with a 20G sump. Which remora do you have..Standard or Pro?
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