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Feb 13, 2006
Delray Beach, FL
The filter material in my Aqua Clear 50 WILL NOT stay down in the chamber. It is constantly sliding up and pushing the top off of the unit, sometimes into the tank. Also, it goes so high sometimes that the entire top layer (the layer that is supposed to sustain the beneficial bacteria) is almost completely emersed when I get home from work!

The material seems to fit perfectly into the holder, chamber ,etc., but it just WILL NOT stay down. I'm looking at it right now and it's 3-4 inches in the air....I fixed it about 2 minutes ago.

Can anyone suggest a remedy to this problem. I'm headed to the HAgen website after this post. Thanks in advance.
Yea I have an AC 20 on my 10g and the media basket doesnt move without force.
I have the same problem once in a while. Usually the filter needs cleaning, the sides of the media basket get slimy and slide easy. You can tape the lid on if you aren't ready to do a filter cleaning, but it's just as easy IMO to take the basket out and wipe the sides of it and the sides of the filter where the basket touches it.
I had the same problem in an AC 70 once, and as Zagz said a good cleaning will help. I also thought it helped for some reason to stack 2 sponges on top of each other and then put the Biomax on top. I like to do that anyway, I think it helps the bio and mechanical filtration.
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