Aqua Illumination LED lighting

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Nov 6, 2008
What do you guys think of these LED setups? Are they good? Can they be used for a reef tank?
Talking to an LFS he said it was for everything. I quess you can program the lighting to drift from one side of the tank to the other, then have moon lighting come on at night.

Are they a good "one size fits all"? Do they throw enough light for corals?

I'm starting my first tank in a few months and I'm doing a lot of research now. I'd like a 175 to 200 gal reef tank.
This is similar to the Solaris fixture. They will work for corals but they are very expensive. I mean $2500 for a 4' fixture. That is almost as much as I have in my entire 120g system. If you have the budget to buy those lights then go for it.
roka, the one I would use for my tank size is just over $3,000. OUCH. that's a bit much for lighting. I've been a good boy, but I don't think Santa would say I was THAT good.
there is no way in my right mind i could ever justify spending this much on lighting. I think the only exception would be if i were a scientist working on some big breakthrough discovery or something like that. thats just friggin insane!!!!
do those lights come with room service or something??!!
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