Aqueon 26 gallon deluxe kit

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Mar 27, 2014
I'm new to the forum! I just have a 5.5 gallon aquarium right now for my betta and some ghost shrimp but I want to start a seperate community tank and recently saw my local petsmart is having a reasonable price on these. Does anyone own one? What are your thoughts? Pros/cons? Thank you!
Welcome!! Id say go to Petco this weekend, pick up a 20 tall or long, an ac 50, aqueon heater ($70-80) and you will not regret any of those purchases in 3 months;) the kit tanks are usually comprised of sub-standard products.. I've fallen for a couple myself..
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But it's so pretty!! Lol. I'll probably end up doing that or looking on craigslist for a used one? And buy the extras in store. Thank you so much!
As Brookster said, if you have a Petco near you, just go there, cause I think they're gonna start their '$1 per gallon sale' this weekend.
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