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Jul 5, 2011
Is anyone using the new Aqueon Pro heaters? I have always used Marineland Visi Therm's, I started using the Stealth Pro's until the problems started with them so I traded them all in. Anyway the Aqueons seem to be the same principal. Aluminum core,resin and plastic case. If anyone is using them I would be interested in knowing the pros and cons, and how accurate they seem to be.
Tagging thread to watch. I had a marineland from lfs for a new cycling 10 gal. Stat stuck overnight and temp got up to high 80s. Luckily no fish yet. Lfs replaced it, but new one just went in Friday. Aq is at my office so I can't check again until mon.

Weird part is that my heater was NOT one of the models on the recall list. That makes me nervous.
I have three tanks and two of them have the Aqueon Pro's in them. So far I have had no issues with them. They are accurate and keep a constant temp. I like the fact that they are shatter proof and I like the lighting. I can look and see quite easily when they are heating and when they are idle. I plan on getting one for the third one that has a regular glass one in it.
I'm running an Aqueon Pro and haven't had any problems with it it either. Keeps a stable temperature, is easy to adjust the temperature, and looks pretty sleek in the tank.
I have 8 tanks and run the aqueons in 6 of them. :) No problems so far and they seem pretty accurate.
Great news. I bought an Aqueon Pro today and also a Sera brand. I did some research on the Sera and it sounds like a pretty decent heater. I am trying both of them in a couple of tanks that I can afford to loose if something goes wrong. Thanks for the replies on the Aqueon, I think that is the one I am going with for my tanks.
After running both heaters for a few days(Aqueon, and Sera brand) I can't recommend the Sera brand. I had to set the temp control at 84 to get the tank up to 77. the Aqueon is set at 78 and the tank is 78. Aqueon is the better heater in my opinion. Now if I could buy them in bulk, at a discounted price that would be great.
Getting ready to return my SECOND marineland visitherm for the same problem as the other. It will hold 80 rock steady for several hours, and then pop back on unexpectedly and stay on til upwards of 84 to 85. Very inconsistent operation. Hoping lfs has access to aqueon pros as your experience sounds more promising.
Stability is important, not what the thermostat reads vs what the thermometer reads.... My aqueon pro has to be set at 74, but it keeps the water at 78, perfectly stable. Definitely an accurate heater.
Absolutely stability is the most important factor. My concern with the Sera heater being set that high is, if it decides to actually heat to that temp It could turn out bad. I spend too much money on experiments:banghead: But you don't know until you try new products. As far as Marineland Visi Therm heaters, I usrd them for years and they were a very good reliable heater. The last few that I tried have been JUNK. Either won't come on at set temp, won't shut off at set temp, or leak water inside the heater:facepalm:
Aqueon Pro 250W here.

Had it for over 10 months and no problems.

Like mfdrookie516 said. Mine is stable but it doesn't match the dial reading to actual temp. It is set to around 74 but keeps it right on 78-79 degrees. It is oversized for my tank so that may be why.

Kind of related. My Sybon digital thermometer was reading 52 degrees a few months ago. Needless to say I almost had a heart attack when I read that. My fish were fine so I was like WTF!? How are they still alive :lol: Turns out the thermo was crap. So I went with an old school glass one.
Finally had time to return the second Marineland yesterday, and I swapped for one of the Aqueon Pros. I put it in first thing this morning, and plugged 'er up after letting it sit for a little while to acclimate. That thing has held 80° solid all day long (which, incidentally, exactly matches my setting on the dial). Hoping to see that same 80 reading when I get back in here Monday morning.

Luckily I've had time to do all this playing before the tank was stocked. I'd be completely hosed if I had installed the 2 Marinelands in a live environment! Or else have some really ticked off fishies.
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