Are these Celestial Pearls emaciated?

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Mar 23, 2024
I've got a group of CPDs in a 25g with a dwarf gourami purchased st the same time at the same location. At first I noticed the CPDs were picky about food and weren't interested in what I was feeding, so I went out and bought some new food and called the shop to ask what they were feeding. Now happily feeding on a combo of frozen and flake food. I do notice upon going back to the shop that the stock they have left is much more vibrant in color.

I've never had this species before, so I'm not sure if this is just how the males look, but are these guys looking skinny to anybody here? I've only lost one out of the 8 I bought in the two or so months I've had them, they're in a very low flow environment and I've never even seen the gourami so much as aknowledge their existence.

Any advice to brighten their colors up and possibly fatten them up would be appreciated. Currently their feeding schedule is every few days (3 or so) with bugbites fish flakes, vibrabites, daphnia, and community color boosting frozen formula. They seem happy to eat all of this stuff.

The one you circled looks too thin. My bet would be intestinal worms.

When ive kept CPDs in an aquarium with dark coloured substrate, background etc they havent coloured up too good.
I'm with Aiken. That one that is circled is too thin. It's either worms or fish TB. The good news is that worms is treatable. The bad news is the Fish TB is very difficult and expensive to cure and replacing the sick fish ends up costing much less and you won't know which one it is until you have tried one and failed to cure it. The only way for you to know which it is is to medicate the one fish in a bare hospital tank so that you can see if the fish expels any worms. If it doesn't expel anything, you have to make the hard choice for the next step.
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