For Sale: Baby Ivory Pomacea Bridgessii for Sale BB Size!

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Jan 19, 2011
Hi, I have lots and lots of baby mystery snails for sale. I am selling them for .25 cents apiece or make me a offer! I have probably about 200 as of now so if you are interested let me know. They are the size of about the size of a BB. Shipping is 5.95 for a USPS flat rate box anywhere in the continental US.

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I still have plenty of these to go! also have some blues and purples!!
Alabama but, I can ship to anywhere in the continental US for 5.95 usps!
HI! sorry for the long wait on the reply!! I'm willing to ship up to 50 in one flat box for $5.95 any more than that will have to go into another box...Thanks!
Blues and Ivorys!


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Im sorry the snails would parish before the reached the UK. So, no shipping there. Sorry.
Still Have Babies! Pm me for more info!
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