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Nov 26, 2013
Hello, everyone. I have recently moved to Japan and decided to get back into having an aquarium as a great way to pass the time and rekindle an old hobby while I live and work abroad. In addition to aquariums, I love traveling, taking photos, and politics.

I recently purchased and set up a 10 gallon tank three days ago and plan to do a themed tank with many invertebrates and some small fish. This will be my first tank in about three years and the first time I've every attempted to do anything but a community tank. I am looking for some advice on what types of combinations will work.

There is a very limited selection at my local store, so I want to go with shrimp as the main feature of this tank.

This is also my first time working with live plants. Some snails appeared today and I think I will keep them. They are definitely not the pond variety.

Here's a photo of the tank.


Look forward to being a part of the forum when time allows.
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