Backflow causing noise in Phosban 150

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Apr 8, 2013
Atlanta, GA
there's this buzzing noise coming from the pump for the reactor and i hope someone can chime in one this.

here's the rest of the story: i bought a Phosban 150 and a Marineland Maxijet 600 pumps along with some black vynl hosing for connections. i tested the reactor and saw no leaks. i tested the pump and it worked like a charm. but when i connected the two equipment together with the hose, i can hear a rattling noise coming from the pump. i immediately took everything apart and saw nothing out of the ordinary. i suspect that because of the ball valve that decreases the normal output of the pump, there's excess water that flows backward into the pump and the noise is coming from the impeller. does anyone share the same experience?
btw, i have always been wondering what would happen to any pumps (whether it's the return pump for the sump or the pump for the reactors )when you put a ball valve on it to regulate the flow. does it not wear the motor down?
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