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Sep 22, 2005
Montreal, Canada
I purchased 2 of these MH Ballast today


this is the specification of the ballast

One ballast for all voltages

from 120V through 277V!

NAiS DCP™ (Dual Constant Power) Electronic

Metal Halide Ballasts for M148 ceramic,

approved M110 or equivalent metal halide

lamps (50 watt lamps).

This integrated unit replaces the ballast, capacitor,

and the ignitor of magnetic ballast systems


Lamps 50W Metal Halide M148 ceramic, approved M110 or equivalent

Input Voltage Universal 120-277V 50/60 hertz

Power Factor High

Input Power 58W

Input Current (Maximum) 120V: 0.49A 230V: 0.25A 277V: 0.21A

Harmonic Distortion <15%

Lamp Frequency 170 Hertz Square-Wave

EMI/RFI Complies with FCC 18C, non-consumer limits

Lamp Current Crest Factor 1.2 typical

Safety UL Outdoor Type 1, suitable for recessed use

Thermal Protection Functions at approximately 90°C hot spot

Warranty1 5 years - maximum case temperature <75°C 3 years - maximum case temperature <80°C

Minimum Lamp Start Temp. –30°C

Minimum Ballast Temp. –15°C

Maximum Mounting Distance 15 feet

But as you see its 50W and there is no 50W Good reef Bulb

what i am thinking of

Can i connect these 2 ballasts in Series so that i can hook 100w MH Bulb? with the right color temp?
No. A 50w ballast will fire a 50w bulb. I wouldn't even attempt hooking them together....unless you have a firetruck on stand by.
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