bannerfish body slap yellow tang...

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Oct 9, 2005
I had my yellow tang in my tank for a week before I added the bannerfish. When first added him the yellow tang kept harassing him. Then that seemed to settle down a bit 2 days later.

But now I have got another problem. Wherever the yellow tang to the bannerfish will follow him like they are good mate, but occassionally the bannerfish will swim very close into the yellow tang and body slap him. Now it is another way round. Is the bannerfish looking for revenge or what. Anyone seen this behaviour before???

The strange thing is the yellow tang keep swimming back to the bannerfish. They will look at each other real close then all of the sudden the bannerfish will body slap the YT. I know bannerfish swims in school in the wild could he mistaken the YT as its own kind?

I thought bannerfishes are supposed to be peaceful tank mate???
I would not think much about it because the yellow tang is more than capable of taking care of himself. If you look at his tail area he has a nice little knife like appendage on both sides that he will stab the other fish if he feels threatened. Your yellow tang will let you know when he is offended. Here is a pic of mine. He is about 8 inches long.

Yeah my yellow tang seems to be looking after himself very nice. They are very independent fish I would think. He just do whatever he likes and he feels comfortable with.

Since he keeps going back for the body slap I would think he is enjoying it though. He is not acting aggressive to the bannerfish at all. Very different from what was happenning when I just added the bannerfish. He would body slap the bannerfish then now is totally opposite. Silly YT...
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