Bathroom Sink Drain

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Jun 7, 2011
Weston, WI
Hi all,

Hope I put this in the right area.

I'm hooking my ro/di up to my bathroom sink. I'm replacing the old single handle faucet/drain with a double handle.

I'm stuck.

I removed the old faucet and supply lines. I'm trying to remove the drain. I've replaced my kitchen sink/drain and garbage remover so I do know how to do it.

My question is.....

The nut holding the drain to the sink is kinda up there, don't know the words so....I've tried different types of wrenches and I can't get a "grip" on the nut because it is almost flush with the bottom of the sink and very very little leeway to get a wrench on so I can loosen it.

I've tried vice grips too since they open alot more, but I can't even use the tip of them because they slip off due to not having enough contact with nut. Right now I'm looking for my needle nose.

Any suggestions? Tips/tricks?

I have a b'day party to go to shortly (granddaughter is 6!!!!) so I'll be checking back after that.

Thanks everyone.
would you be refering to a basin wrench? im not handy at all but i saw it at once for removing sink plumbing
I have a basin wrench, didn't work. nut is too close to bottom of sink. They screwed it in so tight that the metal washer and gasket are "smushed" up in along with the nut. Gonna have to cut it out. Grr:banghead:
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